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часто задаваемые вопросы

How to buy and sell real-estate and make the entire business safer and more secure?

We definitely recommend that you turn to a professional licensed agency for real estate, such as Kvarner imobilije d.o.o., in order to avoid potential problems and close the sale or purchase of the real-estate in the most secure way, at your own pleasure.

How to avoid possible problems with buying real estate?

Before closing the Agreement on buying and selling real-estate, a check of the property-rights status of real-estate must be made and the registered land certificate in the name of the seller must be presented as a proof of ownership of the real-estate in question, which is also without burden. Record of the construction, building inspection certificate and the deed of title must be presented as well.

Which documents does a buyer have to present when purchasing a real-estate in Croatia?

When purchasing a real-estate in Croatia, the buyer must present the proof of Croatian citizenship, which can be the original or a certified facsimile of the identity card or the passport or the certificate of citizenship and the decision on the personal identification number (OIB). The same goes for the foreign citizens who have to present the proof of citizenship from their country of origin and the decision on OIB they were given in Croatia.

Can foreign citizens buy real-estate in the Republic of Croatia?

Yes, foreign citizens from the European Union can buy real-estate without restrictions, except when it comes to agricultural land. The citizens of other countries can buy real-estate with the consent of the Ministry of Justice. The consent can be given to citizens of those countries which have signed the Agreement on reciprocity, and to others in exceptional cases. If a foreign citizen has founded a company in Croatia, then he may buy real-estate without restrictions.
The procedure for acquiring the right to own real-estate for legal and natural persons in the Republic of Croatia is the following: when a foreign citizen decides to buy real-estate in Croatia, he will close an Agreement on buying and selling real-estate and the seller will get his signature on the Agreement certified at the public notary's office. Aside from the written request for the registration of property rights at the land register, it is necessary to enclose the above mentioned original or certified facsimile of the Agreement on buying and selling real-estate (or the Title deed transfer agreement or the Maintenance Agreement or similar), a certificate (certificate not more that six months old) from the body of local government in charge of the urban and regional planning (county offices) that the real-estate is located within the boundaries of the construction site that were stated in the urban plan, foreign buyer's proof of citizenship (certified facsimile of passport of identity card) or the proof of legal person's status (a court registry certificate) translated into Croatian by a certified court interpreter if the buyer is a legal person, and if the authorized agent exists, then it is necessary to deliver the original or certified facsimile of the mandate, the decision on the personal identification number (OIB) and the paid court fees for real-estate registration.
Foreign citizens who have started a company in Croatia can buy real-estate in the Republic of Croatia without restrictions, in the company's name, of course.
If you have not started a company, we can enable starting a company for you in a 15 day period.

How much is real-estate sale tax in the Republic of Croatia?

Real-estate sale tax in the Republic of Croatia is 4% for all real-estate and, according to law, the buyer is the person under the obligation to pay it.

What is the period in which the real-estate traffic must be paid?

After closing the Agreement on buying and selling real-estate, the buyer is obligated to file the tax submission to the competent tax administration within 30 days from the day the Agreement on buying and selling real-estate was closed.
The buyer is obligated to pay the taxes within 15 days from the receipt of the competent tax administration's decision, and in the case of overdue payment, overdue interests are accrued.

How to transfer the user of water and electricity in the local utility companies from seller's name to buyer's name?

By making a copy of the Agreement on buying and selling real-estate in the presence of the buyer.
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