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About us

Kvarner imobilije team has been present on the property market since 1996 and for many years we have been the leading real estate agency on the island of Krk and the Crikvenica and Novi Vinodol Riviera, where we have been acting as mediators in the purchase and sale of property in exclusive locations by the sea, as well as luxury condominiums, apartments, houses, elite villas, building plots, business properties like hotels, restaurants, cafes, tourist camping sites, nautical marinas and numerous other investment opportunities.

We are proud of our years of successful business dealings and the success achieved in numerous deals we have managed to close in mediating property purchases and sales and the proof of this are the many satisfied clines who have with the assistance of our agency managed to make one of the most important decisions in life, which is the purchase or sale of a property.
At this point we can safely say that we have vast experience in the business we are in.
We are continually working on the further training of our agents through mentorship provided by our senior real estate agents, most of which have been working in agency for more than a decade and we can easily say that our agents are true connoisseurs of the real estate market.
The agents hold the license for real estate mediation and are listed in the property agents’ book at the Croatian Chamber of Economy.

The services we regularly provide to our clients are of the top quality and do not just include the usual mediation services, but also the advising of clients (consulting) with an estimation of market value of property both the current value and an outlook of the value in the near future.

We offer a full service in property purchasing and sales’ mediation all the way up to the actual purchase or sale, starting with a briefing of clients on the current state of affairs on the property market, organising the viewing of properties, checking the ownership and legal affairs connected to a certain property that we are mediating for, securing a personal identification number for foreign nationals, closing of the preliminary contract i.e. the contract on purchase or sale, securing entry of the new owner data in the land registry book, submitting of documents for the tax assessment at the relevant tax office in a bid to regulate the issue of property tax payment and the closing of the agreement on the supplying of electricity and water in the new owner’s name. 
In collaboration with our partners, we can also enable the completion of additional tasks like: the procurement of building permits, architectural blueprints, land surveyor services, construction, building supervision, procurement of use permit, the drawing up of a subdivision plan etc.

Recently, several properties in the initial stages of construction emerged on the property market and we are the agency handling them. This is the result of years of business cooperation and a trust that we have built with reliable investors which are guaranteeing the buying clients a high level of construction quality and a safe purchase.

Whole team is fully aware of the fact that the sale and purchase of property is a serious business and for that very reason our approach is conscientious and responsible, catered to the individual client. 
We take special care of the legal security of all of our clients with a particular emphasis on conducting checks of the legal status of the properties that we are working with.

Over the past decade, apart from clients from Croatia and numerous buyers from across Europe, most often from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Russia, Hungary, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Sweden and Italy, through the mediation of our agency many people have purchased a property of their own, on the island of Krk, our ‘Golden Island’ or the Crikvenica and Novi Vinodol Riviera with many of them contacting our agency through ‘word of mouth’, praised for our work by our earlier clients, who had managed to make their dreams reality in business cooperation with us.
We shall make a special effort to retain the criteria of excellence, reliability and knowledgeability supported by vast experience of the whole team.

In agreement with you and in case nothing from our current offer is to your taste, we will make an effort to find the right property, the one you are longing for, just for you.

Our knowledge and years of experience are your capital!

Contact us and put your trust in us!!!

Contact data

Kvarner imobilije d.o.o.
Cvjetni trg 6
51512 Njivice, Hrvatska

Contact us

Kvarner Imobilije d.o.o. is the leading real estate agency on the island of Krk and the Crikvenica and Novi Vinodol Riviera. Our team members have excellent knowledge of the property market and will cater to your every wish, inform you and offer advice, while the service offered whether it be purchase or sale of a property will be a safe process, laced with professionalism, knowledge and years of experience of our team members (since 1996).

Basic information

Kvarner imobilije d.o.o.
HR - 51512 Njivice, Cvjetni trg 6
OIB (Personal Identification Number): 48531897892
MB (Registration Number): 2358689
MBS(Entity Registration Number): 040247752

Boris Vidović, MA in Engineering
Giro account: 2484008-1104631894
IBAN: HR0524840081104631894
Bank: Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. Zagreb, HR - 51000 Rijeka, Matije Gupca 11

Company equity: 20.000,00 kuna, paid in full
Company registered at the Commercial court in Rijeka, Tt-08/786-2
Core business according to NKD (National Classification of Activities) in 2007: Real Estate Agency
Core business code according to NKD-u 2007: 70310
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