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Objekt, detalji (karakteristike)

Вид недвижимости:
Общее число комнат:
Ванные комнаты:
Эксклюзивное местоположение:
Год постройки:
Удаленность от моря:
Вид на море:
Количество единиц жилья:
Оборудованная кухня:
Качественное строительство:
Недавно отремонтированный:
Год последней адаптации:
Подробно об объекте недвижимости
  • столовая: 2
  • Oткрытое пространство
Оборудование недвижимости
  • Электричество
  • Городской водопровод
  • отопление:
  • Кондиционер
  • Большие стеклянные стены
  • Беседка
  • Бассейн
  • Барбекю
  • благоустроенный земельный участок
  • камин
  • гимнастический зал
Собственность и разрешения
  • Свидетельство о собственности
  • Идет оформление разрешения на эксплуатацию
  • Идет разделение по этажам


Dobrinj has always been a cultural, historic and general centre of the homonymous County which includes twenty one picturesque settlements. This area is located in the north-eastern part of the island of Krk, in one of its best preserved oases, rich with cultural and historic landmarks. Unspoilt nature and moderate climate of these small towns offers the chance to rest both your soul and body. Stone Gothic Church of St. Stjepan with its recognizable "cergan" porch, and a tall rock bell-tower, 200 meter over the sea, which watches over and dominates its "plovanija" and offers a view of the large part of the Kvarner Bay, are the most typical characteristics of the old fortification - the town of Dobrinj, that has, until this day, kept many characteristics and traits of these medieval buildings. Its indigenous old stone houses and narrow stone streets ooze peace and quiet in this place where time had stopped. The entire town of Dobrinj is attractive due to its appearance and location and it is a true revalation to each visitor, and endless perspectives and views from its lookout offer a special experience. Dobrinj is the soul of the area, and there you do not come to take a tour of the past, you go there to live it. The particularities of the County are the Soline lagoon, known for its healing mud used for treating rheumatic conditions, and the so called "Biserujka" Vitezić Cave. Corresponding settlements: Čižići, Dobrinj, Gabonjin, Gostinjac, Gornja i Donja Hlapa, Klanice, Klimno, Kras, Meline, Polje, Rasopasno, Rudine, Soline, Sužan, Sveti Ivan, Sveti Vid, Šilo, Tribulje, Žestilac and Županje.

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